A New Approach To Trading Forex & Stocks Using Renko Charts

Learn a unique Japanese Technical Analysis method to trade the markets and get a trading edge!


Renko charts are a unique highly powerful tool in Technical Analysis and trading, that is little understood and used. I've been using Renko and other Japanese chart types professionally in my trading and Technical Analysis for many years.

These type of Japanese charts are ideal for creating a more disciplined, systematic, simple, effective approach to your trading. They help sort out the emotion and 'bad' psychology' in your trading! Combine Renko chart types with 'Western' Technical Analysis tools and you start to create really powerful trading strategies. They are so simple once you get to understand them that they become ripe to move into the algorithmic trading world.

In terms of trading strategies, I find them a good all-rounder that can be used for break-outs, trend following, reversal systems as well as helping keep your trading shirt on your back and your hard earned money in your pocket, as they also make an excellent weapon to deploy for risk and trade management purposes.

You'll hopefully learn how to do all this and apply it to your trading to give you a trading 'edge'!

Risk Warning: This course is purely for educational purposes and should not be construed as investment advice. Always be aware that trading and investment comes with a high degree of risk - always speak to your financial adviser first before investing and trading.


  • You'll learn how to master a unique tool in Technical Analysis - Japanese Renko Charts, that will help sort out your bad trading psychology, add discipline to your trading and help you create a more systematic approach, as well as hopefully a new 'edge' to the success of your trading.
  • For anyone looking to get an edge in their trading and investing by learning a new approach to trading using Japanese Renko charts.


  • The course is for all abilities, but a prior knowledge of Technical Analysis and trading would be advantageous but not essential. 
  • You will need a Technical Analysis charting package that allows you to utilise Japanese chart such as Renko and add indicators and tools on top of these charts. 
  • If you don't have this, don't worry we can point you in the right direction within the course (the free intro Section 1 covers this).
  •  If you just want to learn about Renko for purely educational purposes and don't want to apply it practically then you wont need a Technical Analysis charting package.
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A New Approach To Trading Forex & Stocks Using Renko Charts
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