A gland W is located just below the stomach in the human body. The gland W secretes a hormone X. The deficiency of hormone X in the body causes a disease Y in which the blood sugar level of a person rises too much. The person having high blood sugar is called Z.(a) Name (i) gland W, and (ii) hormone X.(b) What is the function of hormone X?(c) Name (i) disease Y, and (ii) person Z.(d) What advice would you like to give to a person who is suffering from disease Y due to faulty life-style?

(a) (i) Gland W is the pancreas. Located just below the stomach in the human body.

(ii) Hormone X is insulin. Secreted by the pancreas.

(b) The function of hormone X (insulin) is to maintain the blood sugar level and prevents diabetic disease.

(c) (i) The disease Y is diabetes, which is caused by an increased blood sugar level.

     (ii) The person Z is known as diabetic.

(d) The advice for a person suffering from disease Y (diabetes) due to faulty lifestyle is, he/she should take balanced and control diet, reduce his/her weight and do regular physical exercises and yoga. He/she should go for a routine medical check-up, and take medicines regularly.


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Updated on: 23-Mar-2023


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