A circular flower bed is surrounded by a path $4\ m$ wide. The diameter of the flower bed is $66\ m$. What is the area of this path? $(\pi=3.14)$

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Diameter of the flower bed$=66\ m$

Radius$=\frac{66}{2}=33\ m$ 

Width of the path$=4\ m$

The radius of the flower bed included a path

$=33\ m+4\ m=37\ m$

Let $r_2=37\ m$

Area of the circular path$=\pi\left(r_2^2-r_1^2\right)$


$=3.14\times(37+33)(37-33)$     [$a^2-b^2=(a+b)(a-b)$]

$=3.14\times70\times4=879.20\ m^2$

Hence, the required area$=879.20\ m^2$
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