Upgraded to SAP.net connector 3.0 is not working in Visual Studio 2008 and 2010


Note that SAP.net connector doesn’t work similar to 2.0 connector. There are lot many changes- good and bad provisioned in .net 3.0 version.

This is SAP documentation link about general capabilities of SAP.net connector:

https://help.sap.com/saphelp_crm700_ehp02/helpdata/EN/4a/097b0543f4088ce 10000000a421937/frameset.htm

SAP .NET Connector 3.0 is the current version of SAP's development environment for communication between the Microsoft .NET platform and SAP systems. With the use of SAP.net connector, you can connect SAP system to all common programming languages like: Visual Basic. NET, C#, or Managed C++ and many more.

 Following are the advantage of upgrading to SAP.net 3.0:

  • This version is no longer bound to a special Visual Studio version.
  • It is more stable, robust and more secure
  • With SAP.net 3.0, you can have a better design of your application by decoupling the connection handling from the .NET application proper
  • Encourages separation of concerns: infrastructure embedding is clearly separated from business application logic
  • It reduces memory consumption
  • This allows dynamic programming without the need for proxy generation
  • You no longer need to regenerate the proxies and recompile your solution

To know more about this, you can refer this blog on SAP.net 3.0:


Published on 09-Feb-2018 11:32:44