9 reasons dancing is good for your health

Dance is often associated with happiness and important events. Humans first invented dance in the pre-historic era to express their joy and gratitude and also for leisurely activities. While it keeps us happy, dancing has surprising other benefits too.

Do you know that dancing can be a great way to boost your health? Well, dancing offers physical activities and also keeps your mood uplifted. Still not convinced, here are the nine reasons that encourage you to dance for better health −

Dancing Improves your Heart Health

Do you know that dancing is good for your heart? Well, the reason behind this is simple! Dancing causes physical activity that causes your heart to beat faster. It makes your heart stronger and healthier. Research conducted (at AJPM – American Journal of Preventive Medicine) in 2016 also proved that people with a habit for moderate-intense dance routine had 46% less chance of dying due to heart failure or heart related issues.

Better limb Coordination and Balance

Dancing can also improve limb and body coordination with a better sense of balance. Dancing involves repeated steps that require you to move your limbs in a controlled manner. With dancing, you also need to move your muscles in a controlled way. Hence it improves hand and leg, and body coordination. On top of that, dancing also enhances balance as you learn to control your body in different ways.

It Strengthens your core Muscles

A better and better body requires stronger core muscles. Dancing, especially ballet, hip hop, or even Zumba improves the core muscles. Since you must stand on one leg and perform stunts often, your body develops a stronger core and deep muscles to maintain your posture while balancing. If you want to build better abs, start dancing now!

Not just improving muscle strength, dancing also helps to tone up your muscles. If you check out dancers' physiques, you will find they have lean and toned muscles. Dancing involves better muscle movement. Hence, your muscles regain their shape, and you get a fitter body.

Dancing Makes your bone Stronger

Bone issues like arthritis, cartilage and joint problems, and brittle bones are common in adults in their 30s. To avoid such health issues, you need to make your bones stronger. Dancing can help you to get strong bones. Like bicycling or weight training, dancing also improves bone density. As per the National Osteoporosis Foundation, USA, high-impact dance forms benefit good bone health. You can improve bone health and even build new bone mass by dancing, especially ballet, hip-hop, etc.

Studies have also reported that children who practice ballet and other high-activity dance forms have better bone mineral content than those who don’t dance.

It Promotes Weight Loss

Are you looking for innovative ways to lose the extra flab? Then start practicing dance now. Dancing offers a combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercises rhythmically. You jump, twirl, and change postures while dancing.

The movements become more complex with up-tempo dancing styles and ballet. Hence, you can burn more calories- from 90 to 252 calories per day with half an hour of dancing. For best results, you can go for zumba, which combines dancing steps with cardio exercises.

Dancing Improves Energy Level

Want to improve your energy level and mental health? Then dancing is an excellent option for you. A recent study from The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition proved that a structured weekly dance routine increases energy levels among adults and keeps them active and energetic throughout the day.

Dancing Improves Mental Health

Dancing is also proven to be a conductor of better mental health. Mental health issues like stress, anxiety, and depression are becoming common in adults and young adults. Dancing can help you to ease your mental problems effectively.

Dancing is a physical activity that encourages the secretion of dopamine, or the happy hormone, making you feel happier. It also boosts the secretion of serotonin, which is another hormone that improves your mood.

A recent study published in the International Journal of the Biology of Stress (Volume 22, 2019 - Issue 6) revealed that dancing therapy or dance classes decrease the cortisol level in humans, a hormone related to stress and anxiety. People who suffered from anxiety and stress felt better with dancing. On top of that, dancing also offers better stress management than most high-intensity aerobic exercises. Similarly, it can also cure mental health problems like depression.

Doctors have been recommending Dance Movement Therapy, or DMT, created by the American Dance Therapy Association as an alternative and assistive way to cure mental health issues.

A 2019 study also revealed that dancing improves social and cognitive integration, known to improve mental well-being in humans.

Dancing Improves Brain Power

Not just physical growth, also dancing positively affects brain health. Modern studies also revealed that the dance workout Zumba is known to improve visual skills and cognitive skills.

Dancing allows your brain to form new connections, improving long-term memory and brain power. As a result, you can have better decision-making and visual recognition abilities.

It Prevents Dementia

Dancing can also help to fight and prevent dementia and Alzheimer's disease. It is a type of exercise that involves repeated rhythmic exercise. On top of that, it also offers ample social interaction and encourages you to focus on your movements and activities. Hence, it provides the brain with enough exercise.

A 2017 research (Front. Aging Neurosci., 16 March 2017 Sec. Neurocognitive Aging and Behavior Volume 9 – 2017) also revealed that dancing has a direct role in increasing the white matter mass of the human brain. The white matter is closely related to our cognitive health. As people age, the white matter breaks down and leads to cognitive decline, increasing the risks of dementia and other related issues.


If you want to have fun while keeping your body and mind healthy, dancing is a great option. It is a skill that you learn with others while having good physical and mental exercise. Hence, whether you have just started to dance or love it as a hobby, dancing is always a great way to boost your health.