6 Easy Ways to Spice Up Your (Married) Sex Life

Most married couples eventually experience a decrease in their sex drive with time. The couple who do not experience it is fortunate. The decrease in the sex drive can lead to resentment, cause mental stress in a marriage, and even break it. The good news is if you can learn how to keep the fire burning, you are well on your way toward re-energizing your sex life.

1. Asking your partner what he likes

If you have been married for a while, you might have taught your spouse to do what you like the best, and you expect them to do it, but eventually, your partner may lose interest if he does not get a chance to show his creativity. You must let your partner know what turns you on so he does not wonder what to do next.

2. Be consistent with your partner

The fact is, people get tired of things. When they are tired of something they used to enjoy, they find other things to do. It is proven that boredom can give creativity. The key is consistently ensuring that your spouse knows what you will be doing together so he does not feel left out.

3. Agree about when you can do anything

There are things that people find sexy, like dancing, wearing sexy clothes, and turning on your partner. But, sometimes, not everything is sexy; asking him is the only way you will know what your partner finds attractive. At the same time, you should also make sure he understands your likes and dislikes.

If both of you can find out the actions that are fair game at any time, you probably will not be worrying about trying things at the wrong time or, worse, feeling guilty for doing something your partner does not enjoy in bed.

4. Do something Fun apart from Sex

This idea has nothing to do with Sex and everything to do with spending time together. There is a reason people enjoy being on dates. It is exciting and fun, no matter what the purpose of a date is. You can go for a walk, see a movie, etc. Rekindling that excitement will help spark your sex life and make it more enjoyable when you decide to get more intimate with each other.

5. Discuss how both of you are Feeling Emotionally

Most people are looking for answers when they talk about their emotions, but the truth is, there are not always any. If you do not provide your partner with answers to his questions, he will begin to feel alone. It can lead to your partner feeling disconnected from you, which can end the excitement in your sex life or break your marriage.

6. Spending time Doing Work Together

To spice up your (Married) Sex Life, you need to do more than talk about it. It will help if you try doing something new together, like waiting to put off matters of intimacy until you finish tasks around the house. Talk to each other and think about what you can do to improve your relationship and how you can keep it intact for as long as possible.

A few Other Things to Keep in mind are

  • Many couples do not usually spend time making love. Couples often get comfortable in each other's arms and stop trying anything new. If they want their sex drive to last, they must remember that this is the only time they will have together. When you hold your partner, you should do what you can to ensure that you stay connected and loved by him. If both of you struggle with things inside your union, keep those feelings to yourself. Do not ask any questions or try to find answers on your own.

  • Talking to your partner can be a fantastic way to help you experience intimacy, but if it ends up causing conflict, it can do more harm than good. Try asking him what makes him feel good and see how he responds. You might discover that he likes being treated like a king or even being allowed to talk about his feelings without being told how to act.

  • Don't forget the "I" in "we." Those thoughts and ideas are not always yours alone; they also come from the other person. If you want suggestions from your partner, ask him first and be prepared only to accept what he says if you give an opinion of your own.

  • The truth is that sex can be a controversial matter for married couples. You are bound to have different opinions about what you like and what you do not. If you cannot agree, do not let yourself be pressured into doing something that feels wrong. Talk to each other first and accept what the other says without guilt or resentment.

  • While you can listen to your partner in hopes of curbing the problem, sometimes it is best not to talk. The reason? You might just be looking for answers no one else has given you.

  • Keep the spark alive by trying new things together. You can make all the resolutions in the world and promise not to get bored, but that does not mean you will not. You are only human, and you will likely become bored with one another.

  • As your relationship changes, whether it is because of children or your schedule, you will face new challenges. Try to pick a topic that is not so difficult and makes you both feel uncomfortable with one another, and try to express what is on your mind while keeping in mind how he might feel about it.


Hence, if you want your relationship to survive, you must make serious efforts to make your marriage work. The experiences and expectations of the partners are different from one another too. You can consult a professional therapist or a relationship coach to ensure a happy marriage. He can be an excellent referral source for couples seeking help with their marriage relationship.