13 Best Hacks That Can Help You Drink More Water

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated and make sure we’re getting enough water into our diets, but sometimes it can be a real challenge to drink the recommended amount of water every day. It's easy to get busy and forget or simply not feel like spending your whole day chugging away at giant glasses of H2O. Luckily, there are some clever hacks that you can use to make drinking more water easier! From infusing your favorite fruity flavors into your glass to setting reminders in your phone, here's a list of 13 genius tricks to help you meet your daily hydration needs.

Start and end your day with water − Due to our schedules, many of us must remember to drink water during the day. This problem has been increasing with lives getting busier and people being dehydrated most of the time. One way to deal with this issue can be to start and end the day with water intake. Make it a habit to drink a few glasses of water when you wake up. You can also drink a couple of glasses when you're about to sleep. This not only helps to cover up for the deficiency of water throughout the day but is also beneficial to take care of the stress one experiences the entire day.

Using a smart water bottle − Smart water bottles also help you track your water intake and provide reminders for drinking water. Many bottles also track your data and provide insights to improve your hydration habits.

Adding ice to smoothies and drinks − Many people argue that we should consume water only to keep a check on water intake. However, it doesn’t matter the form we consume water in. One such way of checking the water intake and staying hydrated is adding a lot of ice to the smoothies and drinks we consume. Of course, sipping drinks and shakes keeps you hydrated, but adding ice to them increases your fluids. By adding ice, you’re simply sneaking in water. This is another excellent way of staying hydrated and drinking more water.

Taking the help of a straw − Many people prefer drinking from a straw since it allows them to swallow more water than a sip from a water bottle. This also works great when you’re working because you can easily sip water from a straw without opening a water bottle whenever you want to drink water.

Measuring the water intake − Another way of staying hydrated and drinking more water is by measuring and checking your water intake. Many medical professionals suggest that people consume water at least half their body weight in ounces. You can start your day by understanding how much water you need to consume during the day and then breaking it down into simple, achievable proportions. All you need to do is fill a large water bottle and finish it towards the end of the day. Many people might not be comfortable with the idea of drinking water from a big water bottle as it may seem like a daunting task to finish. For this, you can simply keep track of the water you drink from a small bottle and aim to finish the bottles by the set time of the day.

Drinking with supplements and medicines − If you're on medicines, you can make it a habit to drink at least a full glass of water with every medicine or supplement you take. Since many people consume medicines after a couple of hours, this trick works wonders for checking the water intake and staying hydrated.

Using unconventional ways − One thing a person needs to remember to drink more water during the day is not to treat it as just a goal. A lot of studies found that many study participants could drink more water when they consumed it in their own unconventional ways. While a lot of people preferred to drink from a spoon, a lot of people preferred water sippers to drink water. By doing so, you can simply increase your water intake without making the idea of drinking water a task. This is also helpful since many people simply feel that consuming water normally from the glass is a boring process, so they tend not to drink enough water during the day, which makes them dehydrated.

Using Apps − There are a lot of apps that help you drink more water. You can use the app to measure the amount of water you’ve drunk daily. Also, various apps have reminders to help people drink more water.

Refilling your glass regularly − Many of us get lazy about refilling our glasses. One such trick to drink more water is refilling our glasses as soon as they get empty. This not only leaves the water at our disposal to drink readily but also eliminates any chance of a person getting lazy to get up and drink water. Being stocked with water also leads to a person drinking more water due to the urge they might get when they see water near them.

Having spicy food − Another thing you could do to trick yourself into drinking more water is to eat spicy food. Consuming extra spicy food will force you to drink more water to get relief. Not only will your mouth cool down, but you’ll also meet your hydration goals.

Breaking it down into health goals − As discussed earlier, people don’t drink enough water since they consider it a task. You can simply associate drinking water with health habits. For example, make sure to drink some water before consuming every meal during the day. You can also make it a habit to drink water an hour after eating. This will take care of the water intake and help your body to absorb the micronutrients.

Keeping a check on bathroom habits − Many people afraid of disrupting their sleep stop consuming fluids starting in the evening. Keeping a check on your bathroom habits and how frequently you use the bathroom after how much time drinking water can help you understand your body better. By doing this, you don’t have to stop drinking water altogether, and you can try to cover up for the water requirement before the time you’ve set as a threshold.

Water for every cup of caffeine − With our lives getting busier, caffeine consumption has increased too. You can make it a habit to drink at least one glass of water every time you drink coffee or consume caffeine in any form.

Updated on: 12-Apr-2023


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