10 Questions to Consider When You Perm Your Hair for a good look

A perm, also known as permanent wave or curly perm, is one of the hairstyle options consisting of curls or waves setting into the hair. It is also a procedure of using chemicals to change the texture of hair and turn it into a permanent wave or curl. Perm the hair can be done by modifying the structure of hair with the use of chemicals and heat for breaking the bonds, which determine natural hair texture such as wavy or straight. The procedure of perming style hair takes around 2 to 3 hours to get great looking. In this method, chemicals are applied to the hair in the wrapped round forms to produce curls and waves. Perm the hair is for those individuals who have fine or thin hair. The procedure of perm hair can depend on the type of perm you can choose.

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Presently, perm or curly hair is the latest fashion among youth worldwide. Several ways and techniques may result in various looks among youngsters between spiral sperms and multi-textured perms. There are several types of perm, such as stack perm, body wave perm, multi-textured perm, spot or partial perm, beach wave perm, pin curl perm, digital perm, and many more. 

There are ten questions to consider when you perm your hair given below –

Are you want a salon perm, or will you perm your hair at home?

Ans – I am interested in perming the hair at home, which may have fewer chemicals than a salon perm. Few substances are not suitable or dangerous for hair, so perm at home is preferred. Home perms are much simpler and less hazardous as compared with the use of new chemicals. A home perm also saves a lot of money compared to a salon perm. But if you are interested in applying the latest techniques, then a salon perm is the best option.

Which one of the perm styles are you looking for?

Ans – Perms may last for several months; thus, it is essential to know what style of different perms you want to stick to or are suitable for your personality. There are many styles and varieties of perms, such as spiral perm, root perm, straight perm, and many more. If you are confused with any perm styles, you should consult your hair stylist and ask for an expert opinion.

What are the basic techniques of perm hair?

Ans – The perm techniques depend on what you have selected for your hair. There are two techniques of perming cold perm and hot perm. Cold perm is the old method of perming hair that applies an alkaline solution for dry hair curled around plastic rods to break down the bonds inside the hair, which make it curl. Hot perms use the same procedure but with the addition of heat and an acidic solution. The process of cold perm tightening hair while hot perm makes softer and looser curls.

If you want to perm your hair and are worried about the harm of hair, then what other options for perm hair?

Ans – If you want to perm your hair and feel worried about the harm to hair, then you should use a traditional perm without causing any damage. Traditional perm may use several basic techniques without chemicals in the hair for much less time. Thus, you can use any conventional perm method to avoid damage to your hair.

What are the several techniques of the perm?

Ans – If you have thin hair and want to perm your hair for a good look, then there are several types of sperm hair options such as stack perm, straight perm, spiral perm, beach wave perm, pin curl perm, spot or partial perm, body wave perm, multi-textured perm, and many more.

Will perm always best work on the hair?

Ans – Birth control pills, pregnancy, several other hormonal factors, and health conditions may occasionally affect the capability of a perm to set correctly. In several cases, there is no cause for all the failure of perm. However, you can reduce the risk of a perm failing by prepping the hair as much as possible several weeks before the perm. If you want to perm will work, then use or buy a high-quality perm kit from the best company. If you want to perm your hair in any salon, ensure that the salon is reputable and that the hairstylist is familiar with your hair conditions. 

How much is the cost of perming the hair?

Ans – The cost of perming the hair will depend on the types and how many experienced hairstylists are for perming the hair. If you perm your hair with a new or less experienced hairstylist, it may be less expensive. But if you will perm your hair with a professional or great experienced hair stylist, then the cost of the perm process is very high. 

What is Spiral Perm?

Ans – A spiral perm is one of the popular or best options for perming your hair with a great experience. The procedure of spiral perm involves rolling the hair onto a perm vertically to establish a spiral shape. The result of spiral perm will vary based on the type of chemicals and rod used throughout the procedure. However, spiral curls usually are very twisted, bouncy, and tight. You may expect a spiral perm to last for around six months before the curls begin to loosen.

Are getting a perm hair a commitment?

Ans – Any perm hair, usually two to last six-month commitment. If you are interested in perming your hair for a good look, then you can select the best perm that is suitable for your hair. So, you can consult with your hairstylist before perming your hair which may enhance the period of perming your hair with the best experience. 

What kind of perm for your hair?

Ans – If you want to perm your hair for a good look, then you should choose the right perm which is suitable for your hair with less chemical and damage. Before starting the procedure, you can consult with your hairstylist about what kind of perming is used in your hair.


If you do not have good hair or thin hair, then you should perm your hair for the best look on any occasion. Before perming your hair, if you have any questions or are worried about perming your hair, then you should read this blog with several questions with answers.

Updated on: 16-Feb-2023


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