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XML Editor is a markup language editor. The XML documents can be edited or created using existing editors such as Notepad, WordPad, or any similar text editor. You can also find a professional XML editor online or for downloading, which has more powerful editing features such as −

  • It automatically closes the tags that are left open.
  • It strictly checks syntax.
  • It highlights XML syntax with colour for increased readability.
  • It helps you write a valid XML code.
  • It provides automatic verification of XML documents against DTDs and Schemas.

Open Source XML Editors

Following are some open source XML editors −

  • Online XML Editor − This is a light weight XML editor which you can use online.

  • Xerlin − Xerlin is an open source XML editor for Java 2 platform released under an Apache license. It is a Java based XML modelling application, for creating and editing XML files easily.

  • CAM - Content Assembly Mechanism − CAM XML Editor tool comes with XML+JSON+SQL Open-XDX sponsored by Oracle.

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