WiMAX - Major Benefits


  • Benefits to Component Makers −

    • Creates a volume opportunity for silicon suppliers.

  • Benefits to Equipment Makers −

    • Innovate more rapidly because there exists a standards-based stable platform upon which to rapidly add new capabilities.

    • No longer need to develop every piece of the end-to-end solution.

  • Benefits to Operators −

    • A common platform which drives down the cost of equipment and accelerates price/performance improvements unachievable with proprietary approaches.

    • Generate revenue by filling broadband access gaps.

    • Quickly provision T1 / E1 level and "on demand" high margin broadband services.

    • Reduce the dollar risk associated with deployment as equipment will be less expensive due to economies of scale.

    • No longer be locked into a single vendor since base stations will interoperate with multiple vendors' CPEs.

  • Benefits to Consumers −

    • More broadband access choices, especially in areas where there are gaps: worldwide urban centers where building access is difficult; in suburban areas where the subscriber is too far from the central office; and in rural and low population density areas where infrastructure is poor.

    • More choices for broadband access will create competition, which will result in lower monthly subscription prices.

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