Volleyball - Rules


Here is a set of rules that are to be followed while playing volleyball −

  • When the ball is in play, it shouldn’t cross the side lines and end lines. At the net the ball should stay between the antennae.

  • Players are not prevented from hitting the ball at the same time. But, when two played hit it, they have made two hits.

  • Two players from opposing teams may hit the ball at the same time, but if the ball goes out of the court, then the team at the other side of the court is awarded a fault.

  • Players shouldn’t cross the center line while the ball is in play. Sometimes their hands may reach the opponents court while trying to block a ball, but their feet shouldn’t be placed in the opponent area and they should never interfere with the opponents hits.

  • They shouldn’t touch the net in such a way that it obstructs the game or interferes with the opponents play. However, the ball may touch the net or get struck in it. It can be hit back and brought into play.

  • No player should obstruct opponents from hitting the ball or moving.

  • After the referee whistles and instructs for a service, the player should serve the ball within 8 seconds.

  • The front-row players should deliver an attack hit only from their playing space.

  • A back-row player should deliver an attack hit only away from the front zone, but may reach the front zone after the hit. But, if the ball is too low, lower than the top of the net, he/she may deliver an attack hit by moving to the front zone.

  • A receiving team shouldn’t deliver an attack hit from the front zone when the ball is still higher than the top of the net.

  • The libero or any player from the back row should not block the ball.

  • The Libero cannot serve or block the ball.

  • A ball shouldn’t be blocked just after a service.

  • Players shouldn’t catch the ball and throw it. They should only hit the ball.