Mathematical Functions in VBScript


Syntax :

variablename = Mathematical_function_Name(Expression) 


Mathematical Functions help us to evaulate the mathematical and trigonometrical functions of a given input number.

IntA Function, which returns the integer part of the given number
FixA Function, which returns the integer part of the given number
LogA Function, which returns the natural logarithm of the given number. Negative numbers disallowed
OctA Function, which returns the Octal value of the given percentage
HexA Function, which returns the Hexadecimal value of the given number
RndA Function, which returns a random number between 0 and 1
SgnA Function, which returns a number corresponding to the sign of the specified number
SqrA Function, which returns the square root of the given number. Negative numbers disallowed
AbsA Function, which returns the absolute value of the given number
ExpA Function, which returns the value of e raised to the specified number
SinA Function, which returns sine value of the given number
CosA Function, which returns cosine value of the given number
TanA Function, which returns tan value of the given number


Try the following example to understand all the inbuilt Mathematical Functions available in VBScript.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<script language="vbscript" type="text/vbscript">

Dim num1 : num1 = -645.998651
Dim num2 : num2 = 210

document.write("int Result of num1 is : " & int(num1))& "<br/>"
document.write("int Result of num2 is : " & int(num2))& "<br/>"

document.write("Fix Result of num1 is : " & Fix(num1))& "<br/>"
document.write("Fix Result of num2 is : " & Fix(num2))& "<br/>"

document.write("Log Result of num2 is : " & Log(num2))& "<br/>"

document.write("Oct Result of num1 is : " & Oct(num1))& "<br/>"
document.write("Oct Result of num2 is : " & Oct(num2))& "<br/>"

document.write("Hex Result of num1 is : " & Hex(num1))& "<br/>"
document.write("Hex Result of num2 is : " & Hex(num2))& "<br/>"

document.write("Rnd Result of num1 is : " & Rnd(num1))& "<br/>"
document.write("Rnd Result of num2 is : " & Rnd(num2))& "<br/>"

document.write("Sgn Result of num1 is : " & Sgn(num1))& "<br/>"
document.write("Sgn Result of num2 is : " & Sgn(num2))& "<br/>"

document.write("Sqr Result of num2 is : " & Sqr(num2))& "<br/>"

document.write("Abs Result of num1 is : " & Abs(num1))& "<br/>"
document.write("Abs Result of num2 is : " & Abs(num2))& "<br/>"

document.write("Exp Result of num1 is : " & Exp(num1))& "<br/>"
document.write("Exp Result of num2 is : " & Exp(num2))& "<br/>"

document.write("Sin Result of num1 is : " & Sin(num1))& "<br/>"
document.write("Sin Result of num2 is : " & Sin(num2))& "<br/>"

document.write("Cos Result of num1 is : " & Cos(num1))& "<br/>"
document.write("Cos Result of num2 is : " & Cos(num2))& "<br/>"

document.write("Tan Result of num1 is : " & Tan(num1))& "<br/>"
document.write("Tan Result of num2 is : " & Tan(num2))& "<br/>"

When executed the above script, following is the output:

int Result of num1 is : -646
int Result of num2 is : 210
Fix Result of num1 is : -645
Fix Result of num2 is : 210
Log Result of num2 is : 5.34710753071747
Oct Result of num1 is : 37777776572
Oct Result of num2 is : 322
Hex Result of num1 is : FFFFFD7A
Hex Result of num2 is : D2
Rnd Result of num1 is : 0.5130115
Rnd Result of num2 is : 0.5615935
Sgn Result of num1 is : -1
Sgn Result of num2 is : 1
Sqr Result of num2 is : 14.4913767461894
Abs Result of num1 is : 645.998651
Abs Result of num2 is : 210
Exp Result of num1 is : 2.79479883633128E-281
Exp Result of num2 is : 1.59162664037792E+91
Sin Result of num1 is : 0.920530264916375
Sin Result of num2 is : 0.467718518342759
Cos Result of num1 is : 0.390671257418547
Cos Result of num2 is : -0.883877473182372
Tan Result of num1 is : 2.35627845006822
Tan Result of num2 is : -0.529166691689464