VB.Net - Substitutions


Substitutions are used in replacement patterns. The following table lists the substitutions:

CharacterDescriptionPatternReplacement patternInput stringResult string
$numberSubstitutes the substring matched by group number.\b(\w+)(\s)(\w+)\b$3$2$1"one two""two one"
${name}Substitutes the substring matched by the named groupname.\b(?< word1>\w+)(\s)(?< word2>\w+)\b${word2} ${word1}"one two""two one"
$$Substitutes a literal "$".\b(\d+)\s?USD$$$1"103 USD""$103"
$&Substitutes a copy of the whole match.(\$*(\d*(\.+\d+)?){1})**$&"$1.30""**$1.30**"
$`Substitutes all the text of the input string before the match.B+$`"AABBCC""AAAACC"
$'Substitutes all the text of the input string after the match.B+$'"AABBCC""AACCCC"
$+Substitutes the last group that was captured.B+(C+)$+"AABBCCDD"AACCDD
$_Substitutes the entire input string.B+$_"AABBCC""AAAABBCCCC"