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UDDI API - get_businessDetailExt


Description: The get_businessDetailExt function retrieves the extended businessEntity for each specified businessKey.

The response includes a root businessDetailExt element, and one businessEntityExt element for each matching business. If the operator returns only a partial list of matching results, the businessDetailExt element's truncated attribute will be set to true. If no matches are found, an E_invalidKeyPassed error is returned. This function is useful for querying external UDDI registries that are not part of the UDDI cloud services and that may contain extra business registration information. When querying a UDDI operator site, this method returns the exact same results as get_businessDetail.

Version 2.0 Syntax:

<get_businessDetailExt generic="2.0" xmlns="urn:uddi-org:api_v2" >
	[<businessKey/> ...]


businessKey: Required uuid_key specifying the businessEntity. You can specify multiple businessKeys.

Error Returned:

If any error occurs in processing this API call, a dispositionReport element will be returned to the caller within a SOAP Fault. The following error number information will be relevant:

E_invalidKeyPassed: An invalid bindingKey was specified.

E_unsupported: The query is not supported. If this occurs, use the get_businessDetail query.

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