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UDDI API - find_relatedBusinesses


Description: The find_relatedBusinesses function is used to discover businesses that have been related via the uddi-org:relationships model.

The response includes a root relatedBusinessesList element. If the UDDI operator returns only a partial list of matching results, the relatedBusinessesList element's truncated attribute will be set to true. If no matches are found, a relatedBusinessesList element with zero subelements is returned.

Version 2.0 Syntax:

<find_relatedBusinesses generic="2.0" xmlns="urn:uddi-org:api_v2">


findQualifiers: Optional element to override the default search functionality. For example, the find qualifier exactNameMatch will match exact business names.

businessKey: Required uuid_key specifying the businessEntity.

keyedReference: Optional element used to specify a uddi-org:relationship value. A keyedReference requires three attributes: tModelKey , keyName , and keyValue.

Error Returned:

If any error occurs in processing this API call, a dispositionReport element will be returned to the caller within a SOAP Fault. The following error number information will be relevant:

E_invalidKeyPassed: signifies that the uuid_key value passed did not match with any known serviceKey or tModelKey values. The error structure will signify which condition occurred first, and the invalid key will be indicated clearly in text.

E_unsupported: signifies that one of the findQualifier values passed was invalid. The invalid qualifier will be indicated clearly in text.

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