Professional Tutorials Writing

Job Category 1 - Technical Writer

If you are exceptionally good in presenting content in beautiful and attractive manner then we have work for you which you can do from home. To qualify this position you must have following skills:

  • Minimum 4-5 years of great experience in preparing professional technical documents/manual/user guides using MS word.

  • Creating and using MS Word based templates in creating documentation.

  • Formatting content using HTML and CSS.

  • Creating effective power-point presentation using given content in raw form.

  • Strong understanding of documentation development life cycle and practices.

  • Experienced in scoping, creating, and tracking documentation deliverables.

  • You must have perfect English grammar.

Kindly DO NOT contact in case either of the above mentioned skills is missing. If you qualify then based on the given volume of work, cost will be finalized and upon successful delivery of work you will be paid using bank to bank money transfer. We will provide you required content of the tutorial in raw material form, which will be formatted in format. You will also be responsible for required proof reading and grammatical correction in the given content. Over all you will play a role of technical writer.

Job Category 2 - Tutorial Writer

We are looking freelancers who can produce self reading material and tutorials on any of the below mentioned subjects:

  • Electronics & Communication

  • Embedded Systems

  • Singal and Systems

  • Unix Admin

  • Unix Shell

  • Unix Awk

  • Unix System Calls

  • TCL/TK


  • DB2

  • JCL

  • VSAM

  • CICS

  • Action Script

  • NoSQL Database

  • Basic Programming

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Mobile Technologies

  • Unix/Linux

  • Django

  • Data Warehouse Subjects

  • Lucene

  • Hadoop

  • Cocoon

  • Wicket

  • NetBeans

  • JavaFX

  • JavaCard

  • JavaTV

  • Groovy

  • Python

  • MS Project

  • MS Sharepoint

  • Any other subject where you can write great content....

If you are expert in any of the above mentioned subjects, then you will come up with a list of chapters and corresponding writing cost and delivery timelines. We would prefer to have tutorial ready to upload in HTML format but if you are not good in HTML formatting then we can discuss and wave it off.

If both the parties agree on any of the subject, then you will commence your work and upon successful delivery your payment will be done through either paypal, western Union or by any other means. If project cost is high, then we can negotiate to have payment in installments.

Job Category 3 - Technology Blogger

If you have great experience in writing blogs on various latest technologies then we are very much in need of you. Apart from getting handsome payment for your delivered content, you will get due recognition for your post.

Here is what we are looking inside you:

  • You must have 4-5 years of experience in writing technology blogs.

  • You must have good sense of technical writing and to present the content in attractive fashion, which is easy to read and understand.

  • Perform research and develop the content for latest technologies coming everyday.

  • Passionate about providing unique and useful content to the readers.

  • Great English and Presentation skills are mandatory. .

If you have all the above mentioned qualities and want to work as a freelancer from home then kindly contact at the given email address along with sample of writing you have done in the past.

How to Apply?

Kindly send your profile at mentioning which type of job you are looking for and why do you qualify for that job.