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  • DoS: Denial of Service Prevention, Definition, Targets

    In Denial of Service commonly known as DoS, is made by the hacker on the computer or network resources so the cannot be accessed by other genuine user
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  • JAXB 2X Tutorial

    JAXB stands for Java Architecture for XML Binding. It provides mechanism to marshal (write) java objects into XML and unmarshal (read) XML into object
  • Servlets Tutorial

    ava Servlets it Java technology for creating the dynamic web applications. Java Servlets are server side components in Java that runs on Servlet enabl
  • Introduction to Trojans and Backdoors

    Hackers do make use of Trojans and backdoors to get access to a system. Both of these are installed on the target system but with the use of some othe
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  • Spring Annotation using @Resource

    In the previous 2 articles, we have explored about Spring annotation that how it helps to reduce the complex XML configuration to simply annotating co