SQL - Numeric Functions

SQL numeric functions are used primarily for numeric manipulation and/or mathematical calculations. The following table details the numeric functions −

Sr.No. Function & Description
1 ABS()

Returns the absolute value of numeric expression.

2 ACOS()

Returns the arccosine of numeric expression. Returns NULL if the value is not in the range -1 to 1.

3 ASIN()

Returns the arcsine of numeric expression. Returns NULL if value is not in the range -1 to 1

4 ATAN()

Returns the arctangent of numeric expression.

5 ATN2()

Returns the arctangent of the two variables passed to it.


Returns the smallest (closest to negative infinity) integer value that is greater than or equal to this value.

7 COS()

Returns the trigonometric cosine of the given value.

8 COT()

Returns the trigonometric cotangent of the given value.


Returns numeric expression converted from radians to degrees.

10 EXP()

Returns the base of the natural logarithm (e) raised to the power of passed numeric expression.

11 FLOOR()

Returns the largest integer value that is not greater than passed numeric expression.

12 LOG()

Returns the natural logarithm of the passed numeric expression.

13 LOG10()

Returns the base-10 logarithm of the passed numeric expression.

14 PI()

Returns the value of pi

15 POWER()

Returns the value of one expression raised to the power of another expression


Returns the value of passed expression converted from degrees to radians.

17 RAND()

Returns the random value between 0 and 1.

18 ROUND()

Returns numeric expression rounded to an integer. Can be used to round an expression to a number of decimal points

19 SIGN()

Returns the sign of a number, indicating whether it is positive, negative, or zero.

20 SIN()

Returns the sine of numeric expression given in radians.

21 SQRT()

Returns the non-negative square root of numeric expression.

22 TAN()

Returns the tangent of numeric expression expressed in radians.

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