How Communication Helps


Effective communication helps individuals as well as business organizations to be more productive, to generate innovative ideas, and to build strong relationships within internal and external teams.

English: The Language of Business

There was a time when speaking English accurately and fluently was considered a status symbol, but now English has become a necessity, as it is a universal language with around 45% of global business being conducted in English. Today due to globalization, all the multinational companies either recruit or prefer to recruit aspirants who communicate fluently and correctly in English.

Spoken English

Remember that spoken English is supposed to help you in conversing with people. The listeners are more important than the speakers. It's not what you say, but how you say it.

Accuracy Vs. Fluency

Speaking fluently in English is a major goal for many non-native speakers. However, to communicate your ideas effectively, you will need both accuracy as well as fluency.

In majority of cases, people are either good at accuracy or good at fluency. The following cases depict the same

  • An English language perfectionist might pause frequently to correct himself when he makes accidental errors in grammar, pronunciation and structure. However, in the long run, it will disengage the listeners from the conversation.

  • On the other hand, a fluent person who does not bother much about grammatical accuracy might realize soon enough that the listeners are finding it difficult to understand what you really mean.

So, how can you make sure to balance a mix of both is the question. The ideal way is definitely to speak accurately and fluently, but that will come after years of practice. The important point is to strike a balance between the two.

Why Spoken English?

Speaking in English plays a vital role in advancing your professional career to greater heights. It plays an equally important role during one’s academic career as well. Here in this chapter, we will explain the significance of English in achieving career progression and personal development.

Personal Development

Let’s see how good communication skills can become your asset −

  • For Business Executives − Effective communication helps business executives in dealing effectively with co-workers, superiors, clients, and external vendors.

  • For Students − Students having a good command over spoken English express their feelings better. They communicate well with classmates, friends, instructors, and parents which enables them to reduce a lot of stress and pressure.

Lack of effective communication skills is more often than not the primary reason why people tend to hate their jobs. With a little bit of improvement in communication skills, especially spoken English, they can realize their true potential and in the long-run would love the same job they used to hate so much!

With the globalization of business, almost all the major companies have started looking for employees who can communicate better in English. This is now becoming a standard communication channel in the business world.

With this, speaking in English has become a mandatory requirement in the fields of Information Technology, call centers, BPOs, to name a few.