SOAP - Standards

SOAP 1.1 was originally submitted to the W3C in May 2000. Official submitters included large companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Ariba, and smaller companies such as UserLand Software and DevelopMentor.

In July 2001, the XML Protocol Working Group released a "working draft" of SOAP 1.2. Within the W3C, this document is officially a work in progress, meaning that the document is likely to be updated many times before it is finalized.

SOAP Version 1.1 is available online at

The working draft of SOAP Version 1.2 is available at

Note that the W3C also hosts a submission for "SOAP Messages with Attachments", which separates from the core SOAP specification. This specification enables SOAP messages to include binary attachments such as images and sound files. For full details, see the W3C Note at