Six Sigma - Certifications


Six Sigma certification is a confirmation of an individual's capabilities with respect to specific competencies. Six Sigma certification entails learning the appropriate subject matter, passing a written proficiency test, and displaying competency in a hands-on environment.

The materials can be purchased from any Six Sigma training and consulting company. After getting traing material you have to go through following steps:

  • Complete Six Sigma Training in-house or with any training company.

  • Complete one or more projects related to quality.

  • Display competency in applying the concepts learned in the classroom training.

Now you are ready to go for any of the following certifications:

  • Green Belt: If you have completed only one project then you can for this certification.

  • Sponser: Project Sponser should be equally competent as Green Belt so, if you have completed one quality project then you can go for this certification.

  • Black Belt: This requires more experience in implementing Six Sigma in any quality projects. So you should have two or more project experience to go for this certification.

  • Master Black Belt: This also requires you to complete two or more projects.

  • Yellow Belt: Even though this belt is not well known but this is for the team members who ar eunder Six Sigma training and will become mature after some time.