SEO - Optimized Anchor


Use descriptive anchor text for all your text links. Most search engines consider anchor text of incoming links when ranking pages. Here is an example of anchor:

<a href="otherpage.htm" title="Anchor Title">Anchor Text</a>

Here are following important points to notice about anchors:

  • The Anchor Title plays a very important roles and will be seen by most of the search engines. So your anchor title should have appropriate keywords. Anchor title will help site visitors using a balloon and displaying written text.

  • The Anchor Text is another important part which should be selected very carefully because this text will be used not only of search engines but also for the navigation purpose. You should try to use best keywords in your anchor text.

  • The otherpage.htm is the link to another web page. This link could be to external site. But here care should be taken that this web page should exist otherwise it will be called a broken link and broken links give very bad impression to Search Engines as we as to site visitors.

Another example of an anchor could be as follows:

<a href="otherpage.htm" title="Anchor Title">
   <img src="image.gif" alt="keywords" />

In this case Anchor Text has been replaced by an image. So while using an image in place of anchor text it should be checked that you have put alt tag properly. An image alt tag should have appropriate keywords.