HANA Modeling Views

SAP HANA Modeling is one of the key capabilities of HANA system. This allows to create multidimensional objects on top of HANA database objects to meet the business requirements for reporting. You can implement complex business logic using HANA information models to create a meaningful report for analysis.

Features of HANA Modeling

SAP HANA Modeling is one of the key concepts in HANA BI reporting.

SAP HANA provides following three types of Information Views −

All HANA Modeling objects are stored in HANA Repository and it can be directly accessed using any BI tool via proper authentication. When these objects are imported in any of the reporting tools using an OLAP or HTTP connection, it also imports all the custom properties of that model.

HANA Modeling Objects

SAP HANA suite also offers basic BI reporting functionalities, where you can create interactive charts using data in HANA models.

BI Reporting Functionalities

Like other BI reporting tools, you can add dimension and measure values to Label and Value axis. HANA provides the following options for BI analysis −

In a BI report, you can select from the following options: Chart, Table, Grid, or HTML.