Ruby on Rails 2.1 - Rake Utility

Rake is a utility similar to make in Unix. You can say Rake is the make of ruby - the RubyMake. Rails defines a number of tasks to help you.

Here is a list of various important commands supported by Rake −

  • rake db:fixtures:load − Load fixtures into the current environment's database. Load specific fixtures using FIXTURES=x, y.

  • rake db:migrate − Migrate the database through scripts in db/migrate. Target specific version with VERSION=x.

  • rake db:schema:dump − Create a db/schema.rb file that can be portably used against any DB supported by AR.

  • rake db:schema:load − Load a schema.rb file into the database.

  • rake db:sessions:clear − Clear the sessions table.

  • rake db:sessions:create − Creates a sessions table for use with CGI::Session::ActiveRecordStore.

  • rake db:structure:dump − Dump the database structure to a SQL file.

  • rake db:test:clone − Recreate the test database from the current environment's database schema.

  • rake db:test:clone_structure − the test databases from the development structure.

  • rake db:test:prepare − Prepare the test database and load the schema.

  • rake db:test:purge − Empty the test database.

  • rake doc:app − Build the app HTML Files.

  • rake doc:clobber_app − Remove rdoc products.

  • rake doc:clobber_plugins − Remove plugin documentation.

  • rake doc:clobber_rails − Remove rdoc products.

  • rake doc:plugins − Generate documentation for all installed plugins.

  • rake doc:rails − Build the rails HTML Files.

  • rake doc:reapp − Force a rebuild of the RDOC files

  • rake doc:rerails − Force a rebuild of the RDOC files

  • rake log:clear − Truncate all *.log files in log/ to zero bytes

  • rake rails:freeze:edge − Lock this application to latest Edge Rails. Lock a specific revision with REVISION=X.

  • rake rails:freeze:gems − Lock this application to the current gems (by unpacking them into vendor/rails)

  • rake rails:unfreeze − Unlock this application from freeze of gems or edge and return to a fluid use of system gems

  • rake rails:update − Update both scripts and public/javascripts from Rails.

  • rake rails:update:javascripts − Update your javascripts from your current rails install.

  • rake rails:update:scripts − Add new scripts to the application script/directory.

  • rake stats − Report code statistics (KLOCs, etc) from the application.

  • rake test − Test all units and functionals

  • rake test:functionals − Run tests for functionalsdb:test:prepare

  • rake test:integration − Run tests for integrationdb:test:prepare

  • rake test:plugins − Run tests for pluginsenvironment

  • rake test:recent − Run tests for recentdb:test:prepare

  • rake test:uncommitted − Run tests for uncommitteddb:test:prepare

  • rake test:units − Run tests for unitsdb:test:prepare

  • rake tmp:cache:clear −Clear all files and directories in tmp/cache

  • rake tmp:clear − Clear session, cache, and socket files from tmp/

  • rake tmp:create − Creat tmp directories for sessions, cache, and sockets

  • rake tmp:sessions:clear − Clear all files in tmp/sessions

  • rake tmp:sockets:clear − Clear all ruby_sess.* files in tmp/sessions.