RSS v0.91 Supported Encodings


Here is a the list of RSS v0.91 Supported Encodings.

  • ANSI_X3.4-1968 or US-ASCII

  • ISO_8859-1:1987 or ISO-8859-1

  • ISO_8859-2:1987 or ISO-8859-2

  • ISO_8859-5:1988 or ISO-8859-5

  • ISO_8859-7:1987 or ISO-8859-7

  • ISO_8859-9:1989 or ISO-8859-9

  • Shift_JIS

  • EUC-JP

  • GB2312

  • EUC-KR

  • Big5

  • windows-1250

  • windows-1251

  • UTF-8

  • x-mac-roman

If you do not specify the encoding attribute, then by default, it is assumed UTF-8.


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