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RSS Feed Formats

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RSS has been released in many different versions in last 10 years. Here we will give you detail about three most commonly used RSS version.

RSS v0.91 Feed Format:

  • RSS v0.91 was originally released by Netscape in 1999.

  • RSS v0.91 does not have RDF header.

  • RSS v0.91 is called Rich Site Summary (RSS)

  • RSS v0.91 has features from Dave Winer's RSS version scriptingNews 2.0b1.

  • RSS v0.91 has support for international languages and encodings.

  • RSS v0.91 has support for image height and width definitions.

  • RSS v0.91 has support for description text for headlines.

  • Check complete set of - RSS v0.91 tags and syntax

RSS v1.0 Feed Format:

  • RSS 1.0 is the only version that was developed using the W3C RDF (Resource Description Framework) standard. This version of RSS is called RDF Site Summary.

  • RSS 0.91 and RSS 2.0 are easier to understand than RSS 1.0. Next chapter will discuss about RSS 0.91, RSS 2.0 and RSS 1.0 formats.

  • Check complete set of - RSS v1.0 tags and syntax

RSS v2.0/2.01 Feed Format:

  • RSS 2.0/2.01 is very similar to RSS 0.9x. RSS 2.0/2.01 adds namespace modules and six optional elements to RSS 0.9x.

  • RSS 2.0/2.01 specification was written by Dave Winer of Radio UserLand. The copyright was later transferred to Harvard University.

  • Check complete set of - RSS v2.0 tags and syntax

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