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Array Variables in Perl

This tutorial walks through using array variables in Perl.


You’ve already seen simple arrays. We used them for the “command line” variables. Simple arrays begin with the “@” symbol. If you want a specific value from the array, you index that value using its number in the array. If you want the first item from the array, you ask for “$ARGV[0]”. If you want the third item, use “$ARGV[2]”.

Arrays always use the “@” symbol. Scalar variables always use the “$” symbol. A piece of an array is always a scalar. (You can’t have arrays inside of arrays in simple Perl.) That's why you use “@” to refer to the entire array, and “$” to refer to items within the array. If you want to know how many values are in an array, use the scalar variable $#ARRAY. This is actually the index of the last element, so for the count, you’ll need to add one.

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