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How to program C# SMS application

In this tutorial you can learn the way you have to send C# SMS with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to rock your SMS solutions!


Have you noticed how many improvements took place in the last 15 years?

In the last 15 years, technology and communication methods showed outstanding changing. Computers have became smaller, the information flows faster, but the SMS communication is still the same as in the last millennium. It’s quite interesting, is it?

Did you know?

SMS communication is one of the strongest direct ways to reach the consumer nowadays. The number of text messages will increase in the next five years so it is not too late to start your marketing campaing via SMS.


SMS is faster, cheaper and more reliable than other marketing communication methods. The opening rate of SMS messages is 97%. You can check every detail about the status of your message in a delivery report and with a little imagination you can engage consumers to your company.

No more lost reports, missunderstood data, unexpected results!

How to use the C# SMS API

• Step 1 – Install Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software to your server/computer

To use C# SMS API you must have an installation of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway on your system. You can download the trial version from the following website:
If it’s your first time trying an SMS gateway, you should go through the Quick Start Guide:

• Step 2 – Download and extract the C# API

After you have a working SMS gateway, you can download and extract the C# SMS client.
You can open the API in Visual Studio or you can start to build your own C# SMS sending application

• Step 3 – Use the API in Visual Studio with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway and send your first SMS message

How do SMS messages boost your company?
You can use SMS to send service alerts (send message to your registered customers about blackFriday, cyberMonday sales), verifications (security codes for log-in), reminders (about the closing deadline for your colleauges, last minute promotions). If you have a webshop, you can send receipts or if you are a retailer you can surprise your visiting consumers with an SMS that hides a coupon for a personalised daily sale.
With SMS you can notify you colleagues, bosses, customers in time so that they can know about everything asap.

C# is one of the most popular programming languages nowadays. With the C# API of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway, you can customise your programs and your SMS sending method as you wish. It’s up to you and your imagination what you create with it.
This API gives you the option to create applications like SMS voting, quiz games, or stock market data querying quickly.

This C# SMS API is a client software, that can be used for directly connecting to Ozeki NG - SMS Gateway to send and receive SMS messages from any C#.NET application.

Here is a step-by-step video about how to send SMS messages with a C# application in Ozeki NG:

To get more information about how to use C# in your projects check out the following website:

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