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Terminology of Testing

Testing Terminology Definitions& Comparisons


Software ;-The application which reduce the human effort and provide numerous usability for the end user or
The application which will work according to user instructions and produce user desired o/p is called s/w application
Ex;-calculator ,ms -word,
Testing;-testing is the process of finding defects in a product and fixing those defects to maintain quality of the product
Software Development ;-software development is a process of developing or building a software according to customer requirements and meeting their requirements in order to achieve customer satisfaction
Software company;-software company is a place where some group of people are working to develop, to test and to deploy particular product or project according to their customer requirements
Software developers;-The people who are involved in developing and deploying a software according to their customer requirements are called software developers

Software testing;-software testing is a process of finding defects and fixing those defects in a software in order to meet customer requirements and to achieve the “Quality” of the product
Software testers;-the people who can understand customer requirements and performing the testing in order to meet the customer requirements and to produce the “quality product”
Quality;-quality is a term used to define the defect free product, it is a degree of excellence OR quality is not only the justification of customer requirements but the presence of value(i.e. user friendliness)
Manual Testing ;-
Manual testing is a process of testing the application manually(by human)
Manual testing is Time consuming and required more number of systems and men for that systems
Due to manual testing the outcome of the product is quality product
It is recommended for small type of application
Note;-Automation Testing Is not a replacement of manual Testing it is a extension of manual testing
Automation Testing;-
Automation Testing is the process of testing the application with some automated software's(machine)
Automation Testing is less time consuming and no need of extra men and systems
Automated testing wont cover full application it will need to check manually to get quality product
The automated tools(software required to test) are costly
Quality Assurance;-
Is a planned and systematic set of activities that we are performing on the product after the completion of development in order to meet customer requirements and to accomplish that the product is defect free and to gain the customer satisfaction
It is a process of finding/detecting defects in a product
Quality control;-
Is a process of preventing software defects while developing software product
It is a process of preventing defects while building a software product

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