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Web Site Customization

Simple font customization sample that illustrates how to easily let your visitors pick whatever settings they prefer on your site.


Samples are placed here for your reference. Each one will give you sample output, the .asp source file, and the .htm file that is generated when a user runs the .asp script. This code is strictly for the sake of illustration. Most of it includes little to no error handling and we therefore cannot be held responsible for anything it may do when run on your server.

Having said that, we will not intentionally place any malicious code here and will try and warn you of anything a script may do which might be unexpected (ie. writing to the server's hard drive). Still, if you do encounter any errors or side effects when attempting to run any of our code, please let us know and we'll do our best to assist you in getting it to run correctly and update our example with the appropriate fix and/or warning.

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