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Convert Html to PDF Files Online For Free

You can find many suggestions about how to convert Html to PDF files on Google. However, it is really confusing to choose a right tool to do this job


You can find many suggestions about how to convert Html to PDF files on Google. It is really confusing to choose a right tool to do this job efficiently. 3 FREE Html to PDF converters are reviewed in this article. All tools I introduced here do conversions online. No installation, no add-ins, no spyware or virus. You also don’t need to worry about the compatibility issues. Here we go.

1. Web2PDF is an online converting tool which serves for websites and blogs. All you need is to sign up for an account, and set the conversion options: paper orientation and margins (top, bottom, left, and right). After that, simply input the URL of your web page and click the Convert to PDF button, and then the PDF file is created. Now you can view the output PDF file after saving it on your computer.
Pros: You are allowed to customize the paper orientation and margins of the output.
Cons: Registration is required.

2. Htm to PDF is a converting tool that converts webpages directly from the browser. All you need is to input the URL, and then click the CONVERT button. Minutes later, you will see the converting has completed. Click the DOWNLOAD button, you will view the PDF file and could save it on your computer.
Pros: No registration required.
Cons: The size of the converted PDF file is a little larger than others.

3. Tabbloid is a converting tool that turns feeds into a PDF file. If you are a fan of RSS reader, it’s the right tool for you. Just add a feed URL and click on the email confirmation, and then it can convert your favorite RSS feeds into a daily or weekly PDF file. Finally, the PDF file will be delivered to your email inbox.
Pros: It converts RSS feeds to PDF files and regularly updates the content due to your subscription.
Cons: It only converts RSS feeds.

Though free online tools help a lot for temporary conversion tasks, before you choose online tools you need to consider: Usually the conversion speed is not guaranteed; besides, registration (if required) may leak your information to the Internet. What’s more, to me free online converters are not reliable enough for converting confidential documents.

If you are interested in desktop tools, you may want to try these ones Click to Convert, Universal Document Converter, and PDF Converter. Also, I will follow a review for these tools later.

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