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Introduction to cryptography

Cryptography is often seen as a black art something OTHERS understand but YOU need.


Cryptography is a science of mathematics to encrypt and decrypt data. cryptography enable you to store sensitive information or transmit it across insecure network (like the internet) so that it can not be read by anyone except the intendet recipient.

Encryption is the science of changing data so that it is unrecognisable and useless to an unauthorised person. Decryption is changing it back to its original form.

The most secure techniques use a mathematical algorithm and a variable value known as a 'key'.

The selected key (often any random character string) is input on encryption and is integral to the changing of the data. The EXACT same key MUST be input to enable decryption of the data.

This is the basis of the protection.... if the key (sometimes called a password) is only known by authorized individual(s), the data cannot be exposed to other parties. Only those who know the key can decrypt it. This is known as 'private key' cryptography, which is the most well known form.

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