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Television Noise:Create very realistic broken tv noise

Have you ever wondered how you create television noise with after effects?


It can be used for a lot of stuff.. Let your mind flow and you will find a good place to use it. Be creative

I presume you are already confident with after effects 6.x and upwards

Let's go to work:
- Open a new composition named "Fractal Noise" the size you want (I've used 320x240), 4sec should be enough for now, you can always extend the effect.

- Create a new solid in the composition and give it any color, doesn't matter which.

- Select the Solid if deselected and go to Effect -> Render -> Fractal Noise.
Here you can have a look at the settings that I've used for it. But play a bit around with the settings, maybe you can even get a more realistic look.

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