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Tutorial Basic Detail

How To Create An Animated Gradient Mask

This video tutorial shows how to create a spotlight effect in flash using an animated gradient text mask.


Create the components:

* In the toolbar click on the "Text Tool" icon.
* Type the required text on stage e.g. "GRADIENT".
* Then in the align panel click on the "Align horizontal center" and the "Align vertical center".
* Select frame "1" of the "light" layer.
* In the toolbar click on the "Rectangle Tool" icon.
* Left click and drag the mouse then release to create a rectangle on stage.
* Click on the "Selection Tool" icon and select the rectangle fill.
* Then in the color panel in the color mixer:
o Drag the color box on the left to the middle of the gradient
o Set the color in the middle of the gradient to "#00CCFF".
o Left click below the gradient editor to add another color box on the left.
o Set the color box on the left to "#000000".

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