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Tutorial Basic Detail

Flying Pig and Magic Wand

Creation of funny animation and Magic Wand loop. Tutorial step by step.


* Create new document
* ActionScript 2.0
* Size: 1000 * 750
* Player 9
* Frame rate (8-12)

* Find an image of any animal. I've chosen flying Pig.
* File > Import > Import to stage (animal's picture).

* Lock the picture layer and create a new one.
* Outline different parts of pig's body and fill them with color.
* Make each part in a new layer. Merge layers of the body parts and convert them into symbols (movie clips).

Below is the process of drawing of various parts.

* Outline an eye using Pen Tool.
* Round corners using Convert Anchor Point Tool.
* Correct silhouette using Selection Tool or Subselection Tool.
* Fill the silhouette with color or gradient (adjustments of these parameters are in color-swatches palette).

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