Hp-QC - Test Run Schedules


The test execution can be controlled using "Execution Flow" Tab. Testers can specify a date and time, and set conditions for executing a particular test instance. It is usually based on results of another specified test instance in the Execution Flow.

Now, let us see the step by step procedure on how to schedule the test flow in HP-ALM.

Step 1 − Select "Execution Flow" tab from Test Lab module.

Create Test Schedule 2

Step 2 : Right-click on the test instance and select "Test Run Schedule" as shown below.

Create Test Schedule 1

Step 3 − Run Schedule window opens as shown below. Click the "+" icon.

Create Test Schedule 3

Step 4 − The New Execution Condition window opens. In this window, we can select the test which would be precondition for the selected test. We can make it as a prerequisite to pass or finish the test before the selected test is executed.

Create Test Schedule 4

Step 5 − Run Schedule window displays the option that is selected by the user.

Create Test Schedule 5

Step 6 − The Execution flow realigns automatically as show below.

Create Test Schedule 6

Step 7 − The same process can be repeated for Time Dependency setting which will be triggered only after that specified time.

Create Test Schedule 7

Step 8 − The Scheduler realigns based on the specified date and time as shown below.

Create Test Schedule 8