Hp-QC - Project Users


This module helps us to add a list of valid users from the overall ALM users list. In addition to that we can also assign each project user to a user group. Each user group has a specific set of permissions to perform certain tasks.

Click the "Add user" button in the project users module.

qc project users 1

The "Add user" dialog opens. The project administrator has to key in the user name in order to add users successfully.

qc project users 2

After adding the user successfully, select the user to whom the membership levels have to be edited. Select the Membership level and click the ">>" button.

qc project users 3

Project Administrators can also remove an user from the project area using "Remove user" button. Remember this will just remove the user from the project areas and it will still retain the user in HP-ALM site Administration.

qc project users 4