Hp-QC - Groups and Permissions


To protect a project from unauthorized access, ALM enables project administrators to assign each user to one or more predefined with default privileges that has access to perform certain ALM actions.

Select "Groups and Permissions" Link and user will notice that there are five user groups by default. The below groups and permissions are known as System groups and are "READ ONLY". The Permissions of those CANNOT be modified(Edit/Remove) even by project administrators.

  • Developer
  • Project Manager
  • TD Admin
  • QA Tester
  • Viewer

Each one of those user groups displays membership information which shows the users "In group" and "Not in group".

qc project users 1

The Next tab "Permissions" shows the permission levels for the selected "Group". It is READ ONLY and Cannot be edited for the above said default groups. It shows that the group "QA Tester" has permissions to create and update defects but can't delete.

qc project users 2

In case user wants to create a customized user group, they can do so by hitting "New Group" button and select the name of the group and type of profile they would like to create.

qc project users 2

In the following scenario, we allow "Business Analysts" user group to create and update requirement but cannot move/delete. We can customize each one of the areas such as tests and defects according to our requirements.

qc project users 2