Quality Center - Common Functionalities

HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) displays data in infragistics grid view or in a tree structure and users can manipulate the data in various ways, such as rearranging columns, filtering, sorting, and grouping.

One can also attach files to those grid records, search for specific text in records, and view history of various entities. The following features are to be understood to ensure that users are able to work with Quality Center seamlessly.

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S.No. Common Functionality & Description
1 Filter Dialog Box

Enables user to perform filter ALM data based on defined criteria.

2 Users Dialog Box

Enables users to choose a user name from the list of users.

3 Find Dialog Box

Enables users to search for a particular record in a tree view or grid view.

4 Replace Dialog Box

Enables user to find and replace a specific field value in a tree or grid.

5 History Tab

Enables user to view a list of changes made to the currently selected work item.

6 Send Email Dialog

Enables quality center users to send an email about the details of an entity to other users.

7 Attachments Dialog

Enables users to add and manage attachments to a specific record.

8 Snapshot Dialog

Enables users to capture and attach screenshot of your application under test to an entity in ALM.

9 Column chooser Dialog

Allows users to select the columns that they wish to see in the grid view.

10 Set Defaults Dialog

Enables users to set default values for certain fields in ALM.

11 Alerts and Flags Dialog

Enables users to view a list of alerts for a selected record and also allows them to create, view, and modify a follow up flag to remind themselves to follow up on an issue

12 Favorites Dialog

Allows user to create and organize favorites.

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