Hp-Quality Center - Attachments


Attachments section enables users to add and manage attachments to ALM records. Users can attach a file, URL, snapshot of the application under test, items from the Clipboard, or even system information.

To attach a file, a user has to click on the "upload attachments" icon. This feature is available across entities.

attachments in QC 4

Users can also attach "URL's" by clicking on the "Link" button available from the menu.

attachments in QC 4

Upon attaching a URL, users can see the full URL in "Description" panel.

attachments in QC 4

Apart from the above features, the following features are also widely used −

  • System Info − Captures all System parameters automatically and adds it to the attachments list.

  • Screenshot − Captures the active screen and uploads into the attachments pane.

  • Clipboard − If clipboard is having some data, it automatically uploads as a file.

  • Open − Allows users to open an already uploaded attachment.

  • Save as − Enables users to save the file into local drive.

  • Delete − Used to delete an attachment in the attachment list.

  • Refresh All − To Refresh attachments pane.