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Questions and Answers

Q 1 - What is the output for −

'you are doing well' [2:999]

A - 'you are doing well'

B - ' '

C - Index error.

D - 'u are doing well'

Answer : D


Slicing will never give us an error even if we give it too large of an index for the string. It will just return the widest matching slice it can.

Q 2 - Name the python module which supports regular expressions.

A - regex

B - re

C - pyre

D - pyregex

Answer : B


re is the module which supports regular expressions and is part of standard library.

We can import re module as − import re.

Q 3 - Syntax error in python is detected by _________at _______

A - compiler/ compile time

B - interpreter/ run time

C - compiler/ run time

D - interpreter/ compile time

Answer : B


Syntax error in python is detected by interpreter at run time.

Q 4 - What is output for −

2 * 2 **3

A - 12

B - 64

C - 16

D - 36

Answer : C


2**3 gives 2*2*2 i.e. 8, then 2*8 gives 16, since order of precedence is ** then*. ** implies ‘‘ raise to power’’.

Q 5 - What is output of following −


A - 2

B - 0

C - 1

D - Error

Answer : B


It Counts the number of times the substring ‘abb’ is present starting from position 2 and ending at position 11 in the given string.

Q 6 - What is the output of the following code?

s = ''\t\t\t\n\nTutorialsPoint\n\n\n\t\t\t''

A - '\n\nTutorialsPoint\n\n\n'

B - '\t\t\tTutorialsPoint\t\t\t'

C - 'TutorialsPoint'

D - 'TutorialsPoint' , '\t\t\t\n\n \n\n\n\t\t\t'

Answer : C


Strip method is used to remove all the newline and tab spaces code in the string.

Q 7 - Analyze the code −

print(''Recursive Function'') 
def factorial(n): 

A - Recursive Function 24.

B - Recursive Function.

C - Function runs infinitely and causes a StackOverflowError.

D - Syntax Error.

Answer : C


there is no condition in the code to stop the function.

Q 8 - Which code is used to open a file for binary writing?

A - ''w''

B - ''wb''

C - ''r+''

D - ''a''

Answer : B


‘b’ format is used to work on the binary format of file.

Answer : C

Q 10 - How you can lift the pen of in turtle?

A - Turtle.lift()

B - Turtle.liftup()

C - Turtle.penup()

D - Turtle.up()

Answer : C