Python os.renames() Method


Python method renames() is recursive directory or file renaming function. It does the same functioning as os.rename(), but it also moves a file to a directory, or a whole tree of directories, that do not exist.


Following is the syntax for renames() method −

os.renames(old, new)


Return Value

This method does not return any value.


The following example shows the usage of renames() method.

# !/usr/bin/python

import os, sys
print "Current directory is: %s" %os.getcwd()

# listing directories
print "The dir is: %s"%os.listdir(os.getcwd())

# renaming file "aa1.txt"

print "Successfully renamed."

# listing directories after renaming and moving "aa1.txt"
print "The dir is: %s" %os.listdir(os.getcwd())

When we run above program, it produces following result −

Current directory is: /tmp
The dir is:
 [  'a1.txt','resume.doc','','aa1.txt','Administrator','amrood.admin' ]
Successfully renamed.
The dir is:
 [  'a1.txt','resume.doc','','Administrator','amrood.admin' ]

The file aa1.txt is not visible here, as it is been moved to newdir and renamed as aanew.txt. The directory newdir and its contents are shown below −

[ 'aanew.txt' ]