PyGTK - MessageDialog Class

A Messagedialog widget is a Dialog window configured to display an image representing the type of message, i.e., error, question, or some informational text. A MessageDialog object is declared by using the following constructor −

gtk.MessageDialog(parent = None, flags = 0, type = gtk.MESSAGE_INFO, 
   buttons = gtk.BUTTONS_NONE, message_format = None)

The following predefined message types are used to configure message dialog −

gtk.MESSAGE_INFO This is an informational message
gtk.MESSAGE_WARNING This is a nonfatal warning message
gtk.MESSAGE_QUESTION This question requires a choice
gtk.MESSAGE_ERROR This is a fatal error message

A set of predefined button sets are also available for use.

gtk.BUTTONS_NONE No buttons at all
gtk.BUTTONS_OK This is an OK button
gtk.BUTTONS_CLOSE This is a Close button
gtk.BUTTONS_CANCEL This is a Cancel button
gtk.BUTTONS_YES_NO These are the Yes and No buttons
gtk.BUTTONS_OK_CANCEL These are OK and Cancel buttons

When the MessageBox menu item is activated, the following callback function is called and a message box pops up as an output.

def on_msgdlg(self, widget):
   md = gtk.MessageDialog(self,
      gtk.BUTTONS_CLOSE, "Error message")

The above function will generate the following output −

Error Message