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Text Alignments in Powerpoint 2010


PowerPoint offers various text alignment options to create visually appealing designs and organizing the content better. The table below describes the various text alignment options available in PowerPoint.

S.No Alignment Icon & Description
1 Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Aligns the text to the left of the shape/ text box.

2 Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Aligns the text in the middle of the shape/ text box.

3 Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Aligns the text to the right of the shape/ text box.

4 Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Justifies the alignment by adjusting the character spacing so the final text looks aligned from both left and right.

5 Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Specifies text direction: horizontal (default), stacked (vertical), rotated by 90 or 270 degrees. You can also customize the text direction to other angles.

6 Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Vertically aligns the text; top, bottom or middle of the text box/ shape.

Alignment can be done on selected portion of text in text boxes, shapes and even SmartArt. The following steps will help you align text.

Step 1 − Select the portion of text that needs to be aligned. If you select a specific portion of text, the alignment settings will apply to that portion of text alone. If you select the entire shape/ text box, the settings will apply for the entire selection.

Step 2 − Go to the Paragraph group under the Home ribbon.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Step 3 − Select one of the alignment options described above to change the text alignment. Note that the default alignment for text is usually Left.

Step 4 − As long as the text is selected, you can change the text alignment multiple times.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010