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Font Management in Powerpoint 2010


One of the key elements of any good presentation is the text, hence managing the fonts in PowerPoint is vital to designing an impressive slideshow. PowerPoint offers extensive font management features to cover various aspects of fonts. The font management can be accessed from the Home ribbon in the Font group.

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You can also access font management features by selecting a text box, right-clicking and selecting Font.

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This opens up the Font dialog which contains all the font management features available under the font section in the Home ribbon.

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The table below describes various font management features available in PowerPoint.

S.No Features & Description

Font Type

Defines the font type like Arial, Verdana, etc.


Font Size

Defines the font size. Besides, there are icons to increase and decrease the font size in steps in the Font group.


Font Style

Defines font styles like Regular, Bold, Italics or Underlined.


Font Color

Specifies the font color.


Font Effects

Defines effects like shadow, strikethrough, subscript, superscript, etc.


Character Spacing

Specifies character spacing like loose, tight, normal, etc.