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Create Presentation using Powerpoint 2010


PowerPoint offers a host of tools that will aid you in creating a presentation. These tools are organized logically into various ribbons in PowerPoint. The table below describes the various commands you can access from the different menus.

Excel Window
Menu Category Ribbon Commands
Home Clipboard functions, manipulating slides, fonts, paragraph settings, drawing objects and editing functions.
Insert Insert tables, pictures, images, shapes, charts, special texts, multimedia and symbols.
Design Slide setup, slide orientation, presentation themes and background.
Transitions Commands related to slide transitions.
Animations Commands related to animation within the individual slides.
Slide Show Commands related to slideshow set up and previews.
Review Proofing content, language selection, comments and comparing presentations.
View Commands related to presentation views, Master slides, color settings and window arrangements.

Besides these depending on the objects selected in the slide, there are other menu tabs that get enabled.