Power BI - Excel Integration

In this chapter, you will learn how to integrate excel with Power BI.

Using Excel Data

Using Power BI, you can also import Excel workbook file from the local drive into Power BI. To import data from the excel sheet, you have to ensure that each column has a proper name. To import an Excel file in Power BI, navigate to Get Data → Files → Local Files.

Import Excel File

Importing xls Files

In Power BI Service, navigate to My Workspace → File → Local File.

My Workspace

Also note that it is not necessary your Excel file should only be saved on the Local Drive. You can also import an Excel workbook from OneDrive or even from SharePoint.

Once the dataset is imported, you are ready to create the reports in Power BI. Imported dataset is available under “DATASETS” option in Power BI menu.

Double-click Datasets. Then, navigate to the Explore tab. This will open a new Report Canvas. All the fields from your table and corresponding columns are available under the Fields option on the right side of the screen.

Double-click Datasets

To create a report, select any visualization and add the fields from the table to visualization.