PMP Mock Exams


Based on PMBOK 5th Edition

Here are 200 objective type sample questions and their answers are given just below to them. This exam is just to give you an idea of type of questions which may be asked in PMP Certification Exams. Even we have taken full care to give correct answers for all the questions but it is recommended to verify these answers.

In examination you will get each question one by one on computer screen

(101) A project manager has increased project costs by US $75,000, but completed the project six weeks earlier than planned. What tool is best described here?

  1. Resource leveling
  2. Duration compression
  3. Crashing
  4. Fast tracking

Answer: C

Hint: Crashing is a schedule compression technique that employs more resources to finish sooner

(102) Which of the following is most true?

  1. Lag is the maximum amount of time a task can be delayed without delaying the early start of its successor.
  2. Lag may be determined by making a forward pass.
  3. Lag is delay in start time, caused by delay in finish of predecessor activity.
  4. Lag is the maximum amount of time a task can be delayed without delaying the project.

Answer: C

Hint: Lag is time duration by which an activity is delayed because of predecessor activity. See PMBOK Glossary definition.

(103) As project manager you should dedicate a primary focus to:

  1. Managing all changes immediately as they surface.
  2. Formally documenting all changes.
  3. Communicating authorized changes to senior management and key stakeholders.
  4. Preventing unnecessary changes.

Answer: D

Hint: It is important to ensure that only necessary changes are made to the baselines.

(104) The behavioral responsibilities of a project manager may also include dealing with:

  1. Regulatory Personnel
  2. The legal environment
  3. Environmental Issues
  4. All of the above

Answer: D

Hint: A project manager must address all the factors that are likely to influence the project.

(105) The major purpose of project status reports is to:

  1. Organize and summarize the information so that all stakeholders are informed
  2. Inform upper management of the project problems
  3. Inform the client about the changes that have completed
  4. Provide information to management and client

Answer: A

Hint: Status reports are meant to give a periodic summary of project progress

(106) Most project management leadership theories focus on all of the following except :

  1. Personal characteristics of the project manager
  2. Personal traits of the subordinates
  3. Behavioral styles of the project manager
  4. Usefulness of authority and power and leadership

Answer: B

Hint: Personality types of team members are covered in human resource management

(107) Summary budget is arrived at during the______ phase of the project:

  1. Initiation
  2. Planning
  3. Implementation
  4. Execution

Answer: A

Hint: Mentioned in the Project Charter

(108) Historical records during closing are useful to __________ and ____________ for future projects:

  1. Predict trends, highlight problems.
  2. Analyze successes, shortfalls
  3. Analyze strengths, document results
  4. Justify results, set standards

Answer: A

Hint: Historical information aids in expert judgment

(109) Your client informs that his company has a problem with the current design specs of your product and how it will interface with the existing systems. If this occurs, it could be a major problem for your project. The client is coming to your office in a week to discuss the problem and to see what your team can do to overcome this setback. All previous meetings were informal with this client, but now he wants a formal meeting. What should you do to prepare for this meeting:

  1. Update the schedules and assume an active role since the client has not given you the specifics of the potential problem
  2. Make sure that the team has increased productivity so the client can see how efficient your team is performing
  3. Assemble the team and ask them to prepare an agenda for topics to discuss
  4. Make sure that each team member has his assignment in preparation for any handouts and needed plans

Answer: C

Hint: It is time for brainstorming to gather ideas, hypotheses, and possible solutions.

(110) The definitive terms of a contract are written during which of the following contract phases?

  1. Contract phase
  2. Post award phase
  3. Award phase
  4. Pre award phase
  5. Requirement phase

Answer: C

Hint: Conduct Procurement process aims at finalizing the Agreements that constitute the contract.

(111) A document that formally recognizes the existence of a project is a :

  1. Gantt Chart
  2. WBS
  3. Project Charter
  4. Scope statement

Answer: C

Hint: PMBOK 5, Page 71-72, Project Charter authorizes a project

(112) Some organizations are now using 6 Sigma for quality control compared to the usual:

  1. 2 sigma
  2. 3 sigma
  3. 4 sigma
  4. 5 sigma

Answer: B

Hint: 3-sigma is less rigorous and precedes 6-sigma which is highest.

(113) Reducing the impact of a risk event by reducing the possibility of its occurrence is:

  1. Risk avoidance
  2. Risk acceptance
  3. Risk mitigation
  4. Contingency planning

Answer: A

Hint: PMBOK 5, Page 559, See PMBOK Glossary definition of Risk Avoidance.

(114) In which of the following project management process groups are the most time and money typically spent?

  1. Initiating
  2. Planning
  3. Executing
  4. Controlling

Answer: C

Hint: A large portion of project budget and duration is used in Executing Process group. Page 56, Sec 3.5 Executing Process group, PMBOK 5

(115) ______ recognizes that a project or phase should begin and commits the organization to do so:

  1. Initiating Process
  2. Solicitation Process
  3. Scoping Process
  4. Planning process

Answer: A

Hint: Creation of project charter is the specific activity that does it in Initiating Process.

(116) A supplier has withdrawn from your project. A new supplier has been added. His labor forces are due to arrive at the job site tomorrow. You should:

  1. Meet with the supplier along with his team and establish yourself as the authority in charge.
  2. Bring your team in for introductions and establish a communications exchange
  3. Bring out the communication management plan
  4. Bring out the project plan.

Answer: A

Hint: Ground rules have to be set as the first thing.

(117) A new project manager is about to begin creating the project's scope of work. One stakeholder wants to add many items to the scope of work. Another stakeholder only wants to describe the functional requirements. The project is important for the project manager's company but a seller will do the work. Which of the following would you advise the project manager to do?

  1. The scope of work should be general to allow the seller to make its own decisions.
  2. The scope of work should be general but the management must allow clarifications later.
  3. The scope of work should be detailed to allow clarifications later.
  4. The scope of work should be as detailed as necessary for the type of project.

Answer: D

Hint: Detailed requirements will give clarity, elaborate stakeholders requirements and expectations.

(118) After the kickoff meeting, two team members engage in a casual conversation about the project objectives and deliverables. It is clear they heard different messages during the meeting. One member is so adamant that the other member gives up arguing the point. After talking to the project manager, the second member confirms that the first member is mistaken. At this point, what is the BEST course of action?

  1. The second team member should send the other team member an e-mail describing what he discovered.
  2. At the next project meeting, the team member should ask the mistaken team member to describe his interpretation so the project manager can get everyone on the same page.
  3. The project manager should send out an e-mail to the team restating the project objectives and deliverables.
  4. At the next project meeting, the project manager should spend time reviewing a documented scope statement with the goal of identifying this and other false assumptions.

Answer: D

Hint: Addressing the issue in the meeting and finding out all anomalies is needed.

(119) During project execution, a project team delivers a project deliverable to the customer. However, the customer neither acknowledges the deliverable nor says if it is acceptable, although an approval is required. What is the BEST thing to do?

  1. Continue with the project
  2. Document the situation
  3. Contact management for help
  4. Call a meeting of the team

Answer: C

Hint: The issue needs to be escalated to the upper management

(120) You are managing a six-month project and have held bi-weekly meetings with your project sponsors. After five-and-a-half months of work, the project is on schedule and budget, but the sponsors are not satisfied with the deliverables. This situation will delay the project completion by one month. The MOST important process that could have prevented this situation is:

  1. Risk monitoring and control.
  2. Schedule control.
  3. Regular walkthroughs and sign-offs
  4. Scope change control.

Answer: C

Hint: Periodic walkthroughs, reviews, and audits help in gauging stakeholder satisfaction early and planning for changes. Sign-offs avoid leaving room for future


(121) When you are closing out a project, what must you do?

  1. Provide project feedback to the team
  2. Obtain sign off from the customer
  3. Review project documentation for completeness
  4. Update the project plans

Answer: B

Hint: Customer's acceptance is the primary necessity

(122) Financial controls that need to be considered for project plan development do not include:

  1. Time reporting
  2. Standard contract provisions
  3. Process audits
  4. Accounting codes

Answer: C

Hint: Process Audits aren't required for Finance and Accounting

(123) A project manager has been working on a project for six months with the same team yet the team still shows a lack of support for the project. The best thing for the project manager to do would be to?

  1. Re-evaluate the effectiveness of the reward system the project manager has put in place
  2. talk to each team member's boss
  3. Re-plan the project
  4. Tell the team he needs its support

Answer: A

Hint: The project manager must find out the causes of lack of motivation

(124) A project has several teams. Team C has repeatedly missed several deadlines in the past causing Team D to have to crash the critical path several times. As the project leader for Team D, what should you do?

  1. Meet with management alone
  2. Meet with the project manager alone
  3. Meet with the project manager and management
  4. Meet with the project manager and the team C leader

Answer: D

Hint: The issue must be resolved between the team leads in the presence of project manager

(125) The current update to the schedule performance report shows no schedule variance. Based upon the reporting, you have told the client that the project is on time. However, your team members know that a major milestone has just been missed and that the project will not meet its startup date. This is an indication of poor?

  1. Communication management planning
  2. Scope management planning
  3. Team trust
  4. Schedule planning

Answer: A

Hint: There is a communication gap within the team

(126) A project manager is assigned a project with a team that has already been selected. The first thing the project manager should find out about the team is?

  1. What is each team member's favorite color
  2. Each team member's objectives for working on the project
  3. A list of each team member's tasks
  4. Each team member's role in the project plan

Answer: D

Hint: It is important for the PM to know each member's role and responsibility

(127) An advisor to a new project manager tells the project manager to create lessons learned document at the end of a project. A lessons learned document includes?

  1. Any variances and the causes of the variances
  2. Reports from the customer
  3. Reports from management
  4. A list of all the plans

Answer: A

Hint: Lessons are learned from the mistakes and how they were caused to be able to avoid them in future.

(128) Abdullah, a project manager in XYZ Company is managing a project on IT and is looking for historical data on the usage of the previous software and applications in the company; he will get it in.

  1. Newspaper Archives
  2. Organizational Process Assets
  3. Management Information System
  4. Enterprise Environmental Factors

Answer: B

Hint: Historical information is available in OPA

(129) The project is completed and the final deliverable given to the customer but the customer refuses to take any action to give final acceptance on the project. The project manager should?

  1. Repeatedly ask for final acceptance
  2. Ask the team for assistance
  3. Document the situation
  4. Do nothing because there is nothing that can be done

Answer: C

Hint: Documentation of new scenarios may help develop a plan for a similar situation in future.

(130) What do knowledge, skills, tools and techniques stand for when applied to the activities of a project, if it also entails effective management of a process.

  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Project Management
  3. Financial Management
  4. Project Management Process

Answer: B

Hint: Together it is called Project Management

(131) The Precedence Diagramming Method :

  1. has finish-to-start task relationships and provides the flexibility of lead and lag time to the activities;
  2. has the activity on the arrow.
  3. is also known as Arrow Diagramming Method.
  4. is used to make precedence diagrams.

Answer: A

Hint: PMBOK 5, Page 156 Precedence Diagramming Method

(132) Gantt charts are great for:

  1. Showing tasks relationships
  2. Tracking actual vs planned
  3. Optimum Resource utilization
  4. b and c

Answer: D

Hint: A Gantt Chart gives quick insights into task schedules and resource utilizations

(133) Ultimate responsibility for quality management in the project rests with the?

  1. Project engineer
  2. Purchasing agent
  3. Quality manager
  4. Team members

Answer: D

Hint: All team members are responsible for quality

(134) Design of experiments?

  1. identifies which factors may influence specific variables of a process or product
  2. identifies which variables don't have any influence on quality
  3. determines what a quality outcome is
  4. is a method for research and development

Answer: A

Hint: PMBOK 5, Page 239-40 Design of experiments

(135) You are a project manager for a major information systems project. Someone from the quality department comes to see you about beginning a quality audit of your project. The team, already under pressure to complete the project as soon as possible, takes objection to the audit. You should explain to the team that the purpose of a quality audit is?

  1. part of an ISO 9000 investigation
  2. to check if the customer is following its quality process
  3. to identify lessons learned that can improve performance on the project
  4. to check the accuracy of the costs submitted by the team

Answer: C

Hint: A quality audit helps to determine if the project activities comply with org processes.

(136) You manage a project whose team members have diverse skills and expertise. You want to encourage your staff to pool its knowledge on project issues to make the best decisions possible. The most appropriate management style to use is:

  1. Laissez-faire
  2. Democratic
  3. Autocratic
  4. Directive

Answer: A

Hint: Laissez-faire style depends on trust and giving freedom to make decisions

(137) The types of power that have substantial influence on both subordinates and upper management are:

  1. Formal & expert
  2. Reward & penalty
  3. Expert & referent
  4. Formal & referent

Answer: C

Hint: Expertise (Expert) and Charisma (Referent) together make the best combination

(138) Your preferred resource is not available at the time needed. What is the best thing to do?

  1. Negotiate with management to get the resource
  2. Assess your alternatives
  3. Begin the task early
  4. Use reserves to increase resources assigned to those tasks.


Hint: A review of available options helps make better stock of the current situation

(139) An important piece of hardware will be late. What is the first thing to do?

  1. Discuss with team
  2. Use schedule reserves
  3. Use alternate vendor
  4. Go to customer or management

Answer: A

Hint: To evaluate the impact and available options, discuss with team

(140) A project has experienced significant delays due to equipment problems, staff attrition, and slow client reviews. The project is 40% complete and has used 60% of the available calendar time. What is the FIRST thing you should do?

  1. Re-baseline the schedule to reflect the new date
  2. Analyze the critical path activities for potential to fast track or crash the schedule
  3. Document the lack of progress and associated issues to management
  4. Identify tasks that have required more time than planned

Answer: D

Hint: It is time to conduct a root-cause analysis

(141) A functional manager wants to make a change to the time associated with a task, but there is not enough reserve to accommodate the change. Who should authorize the change?

  1. Senior management
  2. The functional manager
  3. The project manager
  4. The team member performing the work

Answer: C

Hint: Project Manager has the required authority among those listed

(142) During the course of a project you have motivated team members, managed conflict, performed personnel administrative functions and negotiated for more resources. These are examples of:

  1. General Project Management
  2. Project Human Resource Management
  3. Project Execution
  4. A Projectized organization


Hint: Performing diverse functions in an attribute of General Management

(143) You have been promoted to Manager, Continuous Process Improvement. Your new position:

  1. Is a project because the work will be performed by people
  2. Is not a project because Continuous Process Improvement will continue indefinitely
  3. Is a project because it is constrained by limited resources
  4. Is a project because improvements must be planned, executed, and controlled


Hint: It is a position that will aid process improvement across org processes

(144) Which of the following is not a Project Management knowledge area?

  1. Project Quality Management
  2. Project Procurement Management
  3. Project Configuration Management
  4. Project Risk Management

Answer: C

Hint: Configuration Management is not a knowledge area.

(145) The state of being totally answerable for the satisfactory completion of a specific assignment is called:

  1. Authority
  2. Accountability
  3. Responsibility
  4. Fiduciary


Hint: Accountability means to be answerable, responsible and accountable for project success or failure

(146) You are responsible for the communication controls for the Genesis series of satellites. Your current assignment is:

  1. Project management
  2. Functional management
  3. Facility management
  4. Program management


Hint: It is collection of projects for each satellite in the series

(147) Work packages are used to :

  1. Represent units of work at a level where work is performed.
  2. Distinguish one package from all others assigned to a single functional group.
  3. Limit work to be performed to relatively short periods of time.
  4. All of the above.

Answer: D

Hint: PMBOK 5, Page 126, 128, 150

(148) Network planning methods(PERT/CPM/PDM):

  1. Are usually too complicated for practical use on most projects
  2. Require highly trained specialists for effective use
  3. Always require computer support to be practical
  4. Are based on flow charts and they allow observation of what happens to the project schedule when changes occur to a task's start and stop dates

Answer: D

Hint: They are all related to project schedule

(149) Earned value can be described as:

  1. The value of the equipment that has been installed as of the current date
  2. The sum of the labor costs that have been incurred on the project date
  3. A method of measuring project performance
  4. A method of measuring the amount of money that has been spent to date

Answer: C

Hint: PMBOK 5, Page 538, Glossary definition of Earned Value

(150) A role of the change control board (CCB) is to:

  1. issue change requests
  2. represent top management interests in initiating innovation
  3. review the impact of change requests on project costs, schedule, and specifications
  4. schedule changes into PERT networks
  5. identify new areas of project work

Answer: C

Hint: CCB reviews the changes to assess the impact

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