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PHP - Function Handling


List of Functions

Sr.No Function & Description
1 call_user_func()

The call_user_func() function can call a user function given by first parameter.

2 call_user_func_array()

The call_user_func_array() function call a user function given with an array of parameters.

3 create_function()

The create_function() function is an inbuilt function that can be used to create an anonymous (lambda-style) function.

4 forward_static_call()

The forward_static_call() function can call a static method.

5 forward_static_call_array()

The forward_static_call_array() function can call a static method and pass the arguments as an array.

6 func_get_arg()

The func_get_arg() function can return an item from an argument list.

7 func_get_args()

The func_get_args() function can return an array comprising a function's argument list.

8 func_num_args()

The func_num_args() function can return the number of arguments passed to a function.

9 function_exists()

The function_exists() function can return true if a given function has been defined.

10 get_defined_functions()

The get_defined_functions() function can return an array of all defined functions.

11 register_shutdown_function()

The register_shutdown_function() function can register a function for execution on shutdown.

12 register_tick_function()

The register_tick_function() function can register a function for execution on each tick.

13 unregister_tick_function()

The unregister_tick_function() function can de-register a function for execution on each tick.


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