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Parrot Operations

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There are a variety of operations you can perform. For instance, we can print out the contents of a register or a constant:

 set I1, 10
 print "The contents of register I1 is: "
 print I1
 print "\n"

The above instructions will result in The contents of register I1 is: 10

We can perform mathematical operations on registers:

 # Add the contents of I2 to the contents of I1
 add I1, I1, I2
 # Multiply I2 by I4 and store in I3
 mul I3, I2, I4
 # Increment I1 by one
 inc I1
 # Decrement N3 by 1.5
 dec N3, 1.5

We can even perform some simple string manipulation:

 set S1, "fish"
 set S2, "bone"
 concat S1, S2       # S1 is now "fishbone"
 set S3, "w"
 substr S4, S1, 1, 7
 concat S3, S4       # S3 is now "wishbone"
 length I1, S3       # I1 is now 8

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